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Pirates Cove Decision Brings Federal Lawsuit -

       [2015-01-23]   In December, a group of business friendly individuals, also known as our Board of County Commissioners denied Mr. George Decker's land use change to his Pirate's Cove property in Ozella. The BOCC's actions have now resulted in a lawsuit filed in federal court for the Middle District of Florida.

Two Different Cases: Same Result - If Challenged Adams Firm Would Be In Violation

      [2015-01-22]   Two separate cases, both reach the same result. When a flow control ordinance regarding waste disposal is put into place, to preserve a county's waste revenue stream, it is a violation of the law when haulers transport the waste out of the county. Period.

Can A Fire Truck Spontaneous Combust? Ours Did!

       [2015-01-17]  Another instance of spontaneous combustion has occurred with another County asset. Last time it was our County run landfill, not once, but twice. This time the property belonged to Citrus County Fire Services. It would be what many would consider the least likely, or certainly the most ironic, to catch fire.