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New Letter to Editor Arrives 9/28/2014
Citizen Harry Cooper makes several predictions
What do citizens think?

Medical Marijuana Issue Starts to Light Up

      [2014-09-30]    With a little more than two weeks before the GroundHog political forum, the issue with medical marijuana is becoming the topic of many discussions. The following article was published in the Ocala Star Banner recently and written by Dennis Baxley candidate for the Florida Senate in 2016. Mr. Baxley is running against Jimmie T.

Save Citrus County - Takes A Nap - For The Time Being

       [2014-09-23]   Many have called or sent emails seeking information regarding the status of the Save Citrus County electioneering campaign. It seems, according to the Supervisor of Elections website, the organization has disbanded. I took the opportunity to reach out, again, to Mr.

MeadowCrest - An Alternative For The Albatross?

         [2014-09-22]  The following was read into the record at a previous BOCC meeting. It was written by Janet Barek, a Citrus Springs resident and candidate for the Mosquito Control Board. Ms. Barek provides an interesting alternative should the County end up acquiring the albatross on 44. The original introduction has been edited briefly.

Reporters as Hostages - What Are The Boundaries?

         [2014-09-18]   There has been much discussion regarding the beheading of the two reporters and now an aide person by the ISIS. The mother of Mr. Foley (one of the reporters) has claimed the U.S. failed her son. She complains that the U.S. government told her that if she tried to raise the ransom money she would be breaking the law.