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New Letter to Editor Arrives 9/18/2014
Citizen Harry Cooper addresses the issues surrounding the Emmanuel theft case.

Reporters as Hostages - What Are The Boundaries?

         [2014-09-18]   There has been much discussion regarding the beheading of the two reporters and now an aide person by the ISIS. The mother of Mr. Foley (one of the reporters) has claimed the U.S. failed her son. She complains that the U.S. government told her that if she tried to raise the ransom money she would be breaking the law.

Commission Joins Board & Foundation in Seeking Attorney General Opinion

     [2014-09-10]  The Citrus County Hospital Board of Trustees (CCHB) today commended the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners on approving the master agreement and lease agreement to transfer operations of the Citrus Memorial Hospital to the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).