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Public Service Message from JAKE
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Special on dog adoptions at the Animal Shelter.

The usually wordy Mr. Charles Knecht strikes a different tone.
While addressing the Thorpe budget
Is it a sign of things to come?

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       [2014-07-23]   It's official, I'm depressed. No, not because Mr. Thorpe is leaving, rather because I simply cannot figure out how to get one up on the County's bookkeeping system. Try as I might, the system seems damn near impenetrable. Impenetrable at least if your GroundHogging. What is GroundHogging?

Election 2014 - The Write-In Candidate Gets a Gift

        [2014-07-21]  As the attached Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times story reflects, the same issues facing Citrus County voters are also problematic on a state-wide level. A recent Leon County circuit court ruling has decided that a write-in candidate does not have to live in the district in which he/she is running in.

Immigration Issue Delays New Hire - What Next?

        [2014-07-17]   As if the situation at the Citrus County Animal Shelter were not dire enough, things have only gotten more complicated recently. Last month the shelter hired a new veterinarian to replace Dr. Julie Rosenberger who took a position with Hernando County Animal Services as their Managing Veterinarian.

Port Citrus - What The Experts Have Always Been Saying

       [2014-07-14]   "Whether it's a container terminal or a passenger terminal, I don't believe you build it and they will come. It's too expensive, too risky, too much competition. I think you absolutely have to have some kind of buy-in or commitment.”
                                                - Richard Wainio