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Tent Sales - What Is A Good Solution?

         [2014-04-23]    Over the past several years the subject of prohibiting car tent sales in the county comes up. It is always brought up by the Citrus car dealerships. It appears that this year is no exception. They want restrictions put in place on vacant land and I believe the fair grounds that would prohibit or at least make it much more difficult for these types of sales.

Part II - Gaming Sites - Missing $$ - Raids - Retaliation - Are They All Connected?

        Loans and Missing Contributions   [2014-04-20]   Mr. Doug Doty has owned the popular biker establishment, High Octane Saloon for over four years. It is generally considered one of Citrus County's “see and be seen venues.” Frequently attended by members of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as some elected officials.

Happy Easter!! And Clearing Up Some High Octane Comments

       [2014-04-20]    Taking time to wish everyone has a safe and Happy Easter. Also wanted to provide a bit of background for readers who are of the conspiracy mindset regarding the series of posts on High Octane Saloon. I previously posted a comment regarding the matter after the story was first posted. This is intended to make clear how the story came about.

Oak Village Road Vacation - Conditional Approval - A First Step

         [2014-04-15]   The residents of Oak Village are one step closer to having their application for a street vacation officially approved. As the attached documents below indicate. Development Services for Citrus County has given a conditional approval of the vacation. In addition the Utilities Department has also given a conditional approval.