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Letter to the Editor Arrive!
Citizen Harry Cooper addresses the article by
Chronicle Publisher Gerry Mulligan.
Mulligan attacks Comm. Scott Adams.
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Candidate Thoughts From Election Night (Audio Link)

       [2014-08-27]   A few comments from Commissioner JJ Kenney on his lose to Ron Kitchen.  Re-elected School Board members Thomas Kennedy and Sandy Balfour comment. Newcomer Doug Dodd provides a few thoughts as well. Hoped to speak with others, but it was a hectic night. Attendance was low at Ms. Gills office and GroundHog had a staffer out on vacation. Oh the life of an website publisher.

Election 2014 - The Morning After - What We Know and Where We Go

       [2014-08-27]  Citrus County voters have spoken, the results are in. Is it time for a new day in Citrus County? The past two election cycles suggest it just may be. True, Joe Meek and Dennis Damato each won their respective races the last go around. But clearly Ron Kitchen may have actually beat Mr.