Time To Take A Few Straw Polls!!
Wednesday and Thursday
the School Board polls will be active. See links below.
Beginning on Friday the County Commission races will be polled through the weekend.
Good Luck with the candidate of your choice and thanks for participating!!
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Citizen Bernie Leven and Harry Cooper
both weigh in on the sales tax issue
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        [2014-07-29]   At the recent BOCC preliminary Budget meeting of July 23rd, Commissioner Bays asked the Fire Chief ‘to return 1/10 of a mil, the equivalent of about $700,000 from their reserve fund.’ Commissioner Bays stated that this would help the business sector to retain tenants in some cases, to reduce the cost of insuring vacancies, to help keep them afloat and competit

Absentee Ballots and Campaign Mailers - The

      [2014-07-24]   Today it all begins, Supervisor of Elections, Susan Gill will mail out in excess of 21,000 absentee ballots for the upcoming August 26 election. These are the ballots citizens have requested in order to vote by mail, because for some reason the voter will be unable to do so on election day.

Copies .15¢ - All Others - The Honor System Applies

       [2014-07-23]   It's official, I'm depressed. No, not because Mr. Thorpe is leaving, rather because I simply cannot figure out how to get one up on the County's bookkeeping system. Try as I might, the system seems damn near impenetrable. Impenetrable at least if your GroundHogging. What is GroundHogging?

Election 2014 - The Write-In Candidate Gets a Gift

        [2014-07-21]  As the attached Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times story reflects, the same issues facing Citrus County voters are also problematic on a state-wide level. A recent Leon County circuit court ruling has decided that a write-in candidate does not have to live in the district in which he/she is running in.