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How To Keep Your Nest Feathered

       [2013-10-09]    Silly silly citizens. Everyone from Tallahassee to Citrus County is questioning the reasoning and lack of accountability regarding the decision to employ the firm of Nabors, Giblin, and Nickerson as our new part time County Attorneys. Briefly, it can be broken down to a few short reasons. Remember there is the reason and then there is the real reason a decision or event happens. Once you get  the real reason you have arrived at your answer. It's just like an onion - only after you peel the skin back, and you cut into it, that it brings tears to your eyes. So here the are the GHR list of real reasons for the Nabors hire:
       Real Reason #1 – Politics. Nabors/Giblin were good foot soldiers for the Chairman, Commissioner Bays, the Administration, and Sheriff Dawsy for the fire services MSBU which they all so desperately wanted. As such, it doesn't hurt to throw a bone to a well heeled firm with operations throughout the State. Besides for next years MSBU for (insert name here – think Dawsy medical helicopter), we shouldn't need to hire anyone, because they already work for us.
       Real Reason #2 – Uncertainty. Lee County Commissioner's selected our outgoing attorney on a 3 – 2 vote. Not the widest of margins when it comes to decision making. Obviously there is a bit of trepidation with a couple of members of their Board. This is obviously due to Wesch' lack of experience concerning operations of Lee County's size. What Citrus citizens need to factor into this entire chain of events is that the Wesch employment agreement with Lee County does not include a severance provision. As such, he can be fired or leave without any financial liability to either party.
       Real Reason #3 – Convenient Contract. The contract with Nabors allows for the County to fire or eliminate the Nabors firm without cause and without notice. As such, there is no obligation on the County's part to keep Nabors employed for the entire year. Whenever the need occurs to replace Nabors, the County can perform this without the need for any necessary or protracted and expensive legal battle with the firm.
       Real Reason #4 – Tied to the County. It appears the entire Wesch family will not initially be relocating to Lee County. The other half of the Wesch household works at our County hospital, and it appears that the Ms's. is not going anywhere from her position there just yet. This allows a continued but unseen presence by Mr. Wesch here in the County.
       Now when you factor in ALL the reasons above, what you have is a conveniently designed scenario, which allows for – guess what? The return of Richard Wesch. All without any financial repercussions to the Nabors firm or the County, Ms. Parsons steps back down to her assistant position, Lee County hasn't lost anything financially (due the non-severance clause), and Mr. Wesch continues his reign upon lifetime employment for himself and his family here in Citrus County. The only other families which seem to have a lock on lifetime employment here in the County are the Wooten and Meek households. But we'll discuss the details of that in a later post.
      So you think the above scenario is completely far-fetched and the thought process comes from the learning impaired? Really? Well here's a question for you. Did you ever see a County Administrator, effectively resign, call it a retirement, ask to come back in order to help things along, and then invoke the “Board didn't accept my retirement and vote on it” clause? Since when does a Board vote on an individuals retirement anyway?
      Here's another question to ponder. Ever wonder why the Sheriff's office in years past would hire a full time general counsel when they never had one before? See the above and you will begin to understand the real reason. As for those who have the idea that the departure of our County Attorney is a completely done deal and the County will move on to the next chapter – keep dreaming. I hope you aren't also wasting your money on lotto tickets, because both ideas are losers. Only the future will tell, but this certainly has all the markings of keeping both nests feathered.
      Oh, I almost forgot, the contract between Nabors and the County was the brainchild of our County attorney and his staff. How convenient.


Submitted by Renee Christoph... on

In August of 2012, I became a Candidate for Citrus County Commissioner, District 2 for 2014.

I am the ONLY Candidate that told the Commissioners NOT to give away our hard earned tax dollars - Millions $$$ for the "Ottawa Connector" even though the incumbent used the Ottawa Fiasco in his campaign speech - he never spoke against it at any BOCC meeting.

I am truly - FOR THE PEOPLE!

Submitted by Ralph Lohrens on

Another scumbag, low point in the rapidly deteriorating Crazy Club which masquerades as Citrus County Government.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Spot on GHR. Surely makes one "suspect" of May, if not all, issues, thoughts, etc presented by this select few. One problem, is the apparent guarantee for passage of such proffers. Keep digging.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Should read MANY , not may.

Submitted by Fred Schirmer on

It appears that when you boil down all the bull, what we have here is an elite group with absolute power. They can get and do anything they want while distracting people with a dog and pony show. Our local government has become dictatorial with a man in uniform at the top who keeps a fairly low profile.
Since these folks never seem to be satisfied I can't help but wonder what they have in store for us next. No more elections? Who knows....

Submitted by Magnus1 on

Wow... another briliant and spot on post by GHR... I would say "stunning" but underhanded handling of government affairs are becoming a staple in Citrus county. Do we accept them or do we work dilengently to change the status quo... We start be sending Commissioner Bays and Commissioner Kenney home. ( A viable candidate is needed to challenge Commissioner Kenney). I am afraid the current candidate is nolo contendre...